Dry and Dull Hair? Here is the Easy and Quick Solution

    Dry and Dull Hair? Here is the Easy and Quick Solution
    The main cause of a dull and dehydrated hair is caused by the permanent opening of the cuticles.

    The cuticle: it is the outer layer of the hair and is made up of cells that have the task of protecting the inside of the hair from possible chemical, physical damage and mechanical trauma.
    A healthy hair has closed cuticles, and is able to reflect the light that surrounds it, thus having a silky and shining effect.

    Open cuticle closed
    How to quickly understand if the cuticles are open or closed?

    Spray with the help of a spray bottle of lukewarm water on the hair, and carefully observe if the water will be quickly absorbed by your hair or on the contrary you will notice that the droplets remain on the hair but do not penetrate inside.

    If the nebulized water will quickly penetrate the hair, then the cuticles are very open and there is need for an immediate regenerating action, on the contrary if the nebulized water does not penetrate the hair, it means that the cuticles are closed and that they are in good health and you must continue to take care of them in order not to lose this magnificent state.

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