Perfect hairs be in summer in which in winter

    Perfect hairs be in summer in which in winter

    All we love ours hairs but, that are short, long, curls or it smoothes, they need many cares to turn out to be healthy and shiny.

    The period winter it leads below stress ours hairs because very often it goes on environments colds and damp to heated and too dry environments. Besides one tends to dry the hairs with too hot air and for too much time.

    Also the summer it has his snares: exhibitions to the sun, chlorine of the swimming pool, saltiness of the sea … Are all elements that can to put under stress and to impoverish ours hairs.

    Her solution to problem it is nevertheless simple and fast! Science and nature walk arm in arm, and our thirty-year experience in the sector saddles cosmetics tricologica has let us formulate one treatment professional and effective immediately, the simple one utilisation also to house!

    Thanks to this special treatment composed Shampoo and It Masks to the Dribble of Snail,not only your hairs will be cleaned but lightly and voluminous and, above all, protected. Being a shampoo purified, nutritious and reinforcing it is able to give softness, hydration and brilliance also with frequent washings.

    Perfect for the one who has thin, fragile, frayed or difficult hairs to condition. The shampoo to the snail dribble is the ideal also for the one who unwinds any sporting activity and must wash the hairs very frequently.

    The mask for hairs to the snail dribble is suitable to each type of hair. She arranges all the benefits own of the natural masks adapting on all the types of hairs.


    The dribble extracted by the snails has an exceptional effect on the hairs thanks to the elements presence as:

    • mucopolisaccaridi
    • acid glicolico
    • allantoina
    • elastin
    • collagen


    All these elements help to create a kind of film on the hair, protecting it from the external agents and giving him a better pettinabilità and elasticity.

    As well as guaranteeing to the hairs a greater strength and resistance to the use of elastic ones or of products for the styling.


    The dribble obtained by the snails of kind Aspersa Müller is particularly suitable to hinder the fall of the hairs and to forestall so the thinning, especially in the period of the change of season.

    The mask for hairs further containing snail dribble is formulated by active special others at the strengthened and disentangled actions.

    His looked and professional formulation thank you also to his natural active beginnings, it manages to give brilliance feeding and softness to the hair, itit disentangles and avoids the curled effect.

    This treatment becomes so a secret of natural beauty, indispensable on the hairs damaged by dyes chemical or weakened by stress due to the heat of the tools for the styling as phon, I shoe and plate.



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