Here is the Anti-Age treatment that revitalizes the hair

    The older we get, the more hair loses its ability to pigment.

    Sebum production decreases. In the years of maturity, therefore, it is not uncommon to have dry and brittle hair.

    Hair can be damaged more quickly when wet.

    Here is the Fundamental Role of Keratin

    In nature, keratin is one of the main elements that make up the hair fiber. It is a protein rich in amino acids, in particular cysteine, whose molecules bind together to form chains, called disulfide bridges, which make the hair elastic and shiny.

    These products contain liquid keratin, identical to that present in the hair. Keratin products ensure that hair does not lose its natural amount of water, giving the hair a healthy and shiny appearance.

    To weaken the hair, moreover, there are also atmospheric agents such as wind and sun as well as periods of hormonal changes or weakness caused by convalescence or nutritional deficiencies.

    The treatmentPro Hair Care it is an excellent solution if traditional remedies have not led to good results and the hair continues to appear dull, weak and to break.

    It is a real reconstruction of the stem of the weak hair which has, in fact, lost part of the keratin.

    It can therefore be used with both short and long straight curly hair at any stage of life.

    The special treatmentPro Hair Carecompany cosmeceuticals "Beauxury-Milano" has a nourishing and restructuring action.
    It reconstructs the hair both in depth, from the inside, and on the surface.

    The hydrolyzed keratin merges with the keratin naturally contained in the hair for rie fill the fibers and give a healthy look.

    Repairs extreme damage and gives perfect and easy combing thanks to the special formula ideal for dry and brittle hair.


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