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Here's how to fix the problems caused by Tinctures

Hair off and Arid, damage caused by dye!


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(Euro Lab Aesthetic editorial)

Dye every 25 - 30 days and dull and off hair?

That's why. and how to fix it quickly and easily

The hair is divided into 3 main layers:
▪ Cuticle
▪ Bark
▪ Marrow

It structures Hair


🔹The cuticle, as can be observed, represents the outermost part of the hair formed by overlapping and de-nucleated cells that have the task of protecting the interior of the hair from possible chemical, physical and mechanical damage. Here we find a high concentration of Cheratina.

🔹 The intermediate layer is called Corteccia, here we find the Melanin cells, which are responsible for the coloration of the hair. The bark is the most abundant layer, and preserves the strength and elasticity of the hair. There is also a high amount of keratin in this layer.

How does Dye work and why can it deteriorate your hair?

Whether with or without ammonia, the difference is nothing, the goal is to open the cuticles and pigment the hair. In the photo below there is the representation of a hair, left with closed cuticles (perfect shape), right with open cuticles.


The combined action of dye (with or without ammonia) and oxygen develops a chemical reaction of OXIDATION in the ALKALINE environment.

1) The Alkaline PH opens the hair cuticles

2) The Oxidation process gives color to the hair

3) After the laying time, generally about 30 minutes is then washed.

In this delicate passage the cuticles are still open and must be closed so that the hair does not get damaged and loss of pigment.

For this reason the hairdresser after each colour service applies a special PH Acid Mask (PH 4,5), indispensable to counter the Alkaline PH of the dye and CLOSE THE CUTICLES.

Closed cuticles = Wellness of hair

The formula is simple, but very often the result is difficult to achieve and maintain over time.

A hair in perfect shape, with closed cuticles, will be visibly bright, light and unpolluted by external factors such as smog, dust mites, moisture and other climatic factors.

Unfortunately, there are numerous external factors that tend to change the structure of the hair, altering the cuticles and making them open. The result is easily visible, as the hair is off, dry, dehydrated, heavy and difficult to comb.

Thanks to innovative cosmetic - tricological products with ACTIVE NANO-MOLECULES, you can troubleshoot in way Easy and Fast, thanks to professional treatments to be done comfortably at home.

Among the most appreciated in the professional world we find the treatment Pro Hair Care - Beauxury Milan, formulated with Keratina Pura, Bava di Lumaca and Pro Vitamin Complex. These precious elements combine, improve the health and quality of the hair, with immediate results already from the first treatment.

This special cosmetic formulation consists of a Special Shampoo Ultra Repair 500 ML and an Ultra Repair Mask 500 ML.

What differentiates it from other products and treatments?

✅PH Stabilized at 5.5 for Shampoo Ultra Repair and PH Stabilized at 4.5 for Ultra Repair Mask

✅High concentration of Bava di Lumaca that performs an action anti-age, and hydrated the skin, purifying it and guaranteeing well-being also at the root of the hair

✅Collagen, shrink the hair and prevent it from becoming thin and blurring

✅ Keratin Pura, which helps protect and strengthen the hair structure

✅ Vitamin B5 complex, promotes cell regeneration and improves hair elasticity by preventing it from breaking. It helps to keep the scalp soft and soothes in case of irritation.

✅ Professional and Ultra Affordable 500 ML + 500 ML format with which to do 40-45 treatments.

With over 97% positive reviews, Beauxury Milano's Pro Hair Care Professional Treatment is one of the most purchased products in its class in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Austria and Portugal